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  • Sound alarm in the receiver will immediately remind you to prevent valuables for losing or stealing
  • The monitoring distance can be adjusted by user from 1 to 5 meters for any circumstance.
  • Transmitter can be attached to any valuable without damaging or changing the appearance.
  • Device has an independent Auto digit-lock system (16777216 digital sets) with failsafe integrated circuit disign.
  • Porduced by SMT technology, the IC unit is wafer thin with reliable performance.
  • Product is protected by copyrights.

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  1. Set the Sender's power switch to "ON", the red LED indicator will Flick,it means machine is stand by.
  2. Put the Alarm Receiver close to Sender and rum on the Alarm Receiver's power, it will respond the communication status: 
    . One beep, means machine star to encoding 

    .. Two beep, means encoding successfully.(Alarm Receiver's red LED will Flick) 

    ... Three beep, means setting error.(for re-setting again. push the Reset button hole in the Alarm receiver.) 
  3. Attach the Sender to the target object and have the Alarm Receiver with you. 
  4. Adjust the guiding distance of micro-VR an Receiver from meters. 
  5. When the distance between Sender and Alarm Receiver is Further them the setting distance,the Alarm Receiver will make Bi Bi .....sound. 
  6. During the monitoring if the power of sender was turn off by any reason. The Alarm Receiver will make warning sound immediately.

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