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- About Lanner -

Corporate Mission

cp-4s.jpg (12754 bytes)Lanner is dedicated to the tier of global industry in changing the lives of people human to machine. Perspective line of information transaction and automation control.
Lanner is dedicated to serve the Industrial and Embedded computer market. Our mission deliver quality and innovative products, and provide prompt and responsive customer support. We help our customer to succeed in order for us to succeed!

Corporate Vision

cp-3s.jpg (15981 bytes)Lanner's commitment in the IPC-based technology for over 16 years has proven our outstanding capability in the continuous research and development of new products, this allows us to deliver innovative products for the forthcoming era of dynamic application in different areas of industrial application.

Company History
  • 16 years in the industrial and embedded computer markets.cp-2s.jpg (12405 bytes)
  • Management with World-Class organizational experience.
  • Result oriented business model
  • Financial strength to support major projects.
Technology Focus
  • Application of the latest in PC technology into Industrial and Embedded computer cp-1s.jpg (11835 bytes)product.
  • Components with long production life cycles.
  • Industry standard compliance with ISA, PCI, PICMG, PC/104, CompactPCI.
  • Robust and Fault Resilience.
  • Dedication To Industrial & Embedded Computer Products.
    Lanner is dedicated to the Industrial & Embedded Computer market. Since our inception in 1986, we have been dedicated to the development, manufacture, and marketing of Industrial & Embedded Computer Products.  
  • Dedication To Quality Products.
    We are dedicated to provide quality product. Our products are designed and manufactured under strict quality control. All of our product must undergo rigorous testing for safety, reliability and compatibility.

  • Dedication To Innovative Engineering.
    We are dedicated to provide the latest cost-effective technology. We provide a wide range of Industrial & Embedded Computer products. We design and manufacture Single Board Computer, Embedded Computer components, passive & active backplanes, industrial control peripherals, industrial rackmount, wallmount & bench top computer chassises and workstations.

  • Dedication To Customer Support.
    Customer service is our top priority. We always remind ourselves,
    If we do not service our customer, someone else will. You can count on us to provide prompt and responsive support and service.

  • We offer Fast & Flexible Custom Design Service
    Free minor modifications on our standard products.

  • Best Price with Value-Added Service

Product Lines
  • PICMG Single Board Computers.
  • ISA-bus Single Board Computers.
  • CompactPCI Single Board Computers.
  • Embedded Single Board Computers.
  • EIA RS-310C 19 Rackmount Industrial Computer Chassises.
  • Multi-system / Multi-server Industrial Computer Chassises.
  • Wallmount / Bench Top Industrial Computer Chassises.
  • CompactPCI Industrial Computer Chassises.
  • PC/104 Components.
  • ISA-bus Backplanes.
  • PICMG Backplanes.
  • CompactPCI Backplanes.
  • Segmented Multi-system ISA-bus Backplanes.
  • Segmented Multi-system PICMG Backplanes.
  • Industrial Hot-Swap Redundant Power Supply.

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8F-4, No.77, sec.1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd., Hsichih, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:886-2-26981828 Fax:886-2-26981107